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“I’m not a Leftist, I’m not a Rightist, I’m a Humanist”


“He has a peculiar style of fighting especially with his leg kicks which is very popular among fans. His famous dialogue from the film Narasimma ‘Currenta thotta sadharna manishan thaan shock adikum. ana na Narasimma. Narasimmava thota currentuku thaan shock adikum’ is also very popular”

—about Vijayakanth in Wikipedia

Times now
Courtesy: Times now
Amid a huge crowd of almost a million people, chiru made his political launch in Tirupathi yesterday.. He unveiled his party name ‘Praja Rajyam’ being one among the crowd. There was a huge expectation for this announcement (he made a good pr!!!), once he opened his party office silently. There was a huge traffice movement from all parts of Andhra towards Tirupathi, Railways had announced special trains. And also demand for Diesel (naturally) since the fans came through vehicles.
The 8 Factor: The party meeting held on 26th Aug (sum is 8) at 5:30 PM (8 !), unveiled the party name on 6:20 PM (8 !). Also he spoke for exactly 80 mins.
Y S Rajasekhara Reddy (Chief Minister): “A new party has come into existence today under the leadership of Chiranjeevi. In democracy, everybody has a right to form party. But we have already done everything. What new can they offer”
Veerappa moily (Congress): “He has a right to form a party. We are not afraid of that. Congress is a 123-year-old party and is still very relevant” 
Yerran Naidu (TDP): “Chiranjeevi has not spelt out his stand on key issues confronting the state”
Bandaru Dattatreya (BJP): “the actor’s entry into politics would herald changes in the present political equations in the state”

A selvaraghavan film, that is enough for expectations and criticisms, good or bad. Anyway, I like that guy’s films which are somewhat raw and near to reality. This movie has Karthick as hero which is his 2nd film. Rather than yuvan, selva has roped in gv prakash for music, bit disappointing.
Said to be a sci-fi thriller, love to watch the film.
A much hyped film, second film by venkat prabhu after the blockbuster Chennai 600028. Songs are already a hit. The film is said to be loosely based on the academy award winning movie ‘Babel’. Film scheduled to release on the end of this month.
A Goutham and Surya combination next to ‘kakka kakka’. The film is said to be based on Forrest gump, an academy award winning movie. Let’s expect that it does not bomb like the sarathkumar starrer ‘Pachaikili Muthucharam’ which was based a remake (copy) of ‘Derailed’
Only because of music by A R Rahman. Songs are good. Let us believe that it will not follow ‘Enakku 20 Unakku 18’ a directorial debut by Jothi krishna much hyped because of A R Rahman but failed in box office due to poor story, direction and everything!!!
A Jeeva (Late) film. I liked his directorial debut ’12B’. The songs in his movies are much talked off and they are always a hit, the same is continiuing with ‘Dhaam Dhoom’. All the songs by Harris are already a hit and especially ‘Anbe en anbe’ is a huge hit, we can hear it in all FM channels.
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I’m to take my biggest career change decision today, i do not know how it is goin to affect me. Very much hesitant to take decisions nowadays, it doesn’t mean any failiures in past. All my decisions were taken by my parents till i finished my college (that includes marriage also), After that no options, i had to take, no escape!!!
The basic thing is i can blame others if anything goes wrong (though it never hapenned), but that is done by my wife now.
PS: I don’t have anything to write…what a waste of Time!!
Of Nothing comes Nothing

Both the POP icons are turing 50 this month. Belated wishes to Madonna (16 Aug) and Advance wishes to MJ (29 Aug)
Though both were in same field there are so many variances between the two legends. Madonna is continiously reinventing herself and she is successful also. My fav are “Beautiful stranger”, “American Life”, “Die another day”…
For MJ, who is struggling to reinvent himself, his name never dies. I can’t list my favourites here, that is a huge list.
Though he is on career low now, MJ is always the ‘KING OF POP’

I don think this is overpriced, the actual cost of 8 GB Iphone from Vodafone is 21K + a deposit of 10K.

Anyway i’m not in a mood to buy Iphone, if i like also i’ll better buy from US (by unlocking it in local, it is easy)
If you feel it is overpriced, raise your voice:


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