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Something in this poster interested me, Either the Comics-book cover look or the Thrillers of 80’s appearance. Eitherway it has made a good impression and made me wait for the Fresh/creative film of the year 2009.
Aaranya Kaandam, is directed by Kumar Raja. Ravi krishna, Sampath and Jacki Sheroff appear in this movie and Music by none other than Yuvan.
Let us expect another Chennai-28 from the Producer, SPB Charan.


I’m Back

Let’s welcome venkat prabhu for the successful directors hub of tamil cinema, who has won hands down with his new flick ‘Saroja’. Normally there will be a huge expectaion for a maker whose first film is a blockbuster, and only few will reach the expectation. Prabhu has almost gone beyond the expectation. Saroja is way ahead of chennai-28, in presentation and technology and there is no minimum similarity between the both films. And on the way he has proved that his first hit was not a luck.It is not the story or screenplay that is special in this film, the presentation and narration is very much different. The film starts with Babel style, with three parallel stories running,

Story: Saroja (Vega) is the only daughter of Industrialist Viswanath(Prakash raj) , gets kidnapped by a gang headed by Sampath (sampath) for a ransom of 20 cr. Ravi (Jayaram) a police man also a friend of viswanath comes for help.  At the same time another story unfolds in chennai. Ajay(Siva), Ganesh (Premji), Jagabathi babu (Charan) and Ram babu (vaibhav) are friends who after attending Ajay’s engagement, plan to have a trip for Hyderabad for India-Pakistan cricket match. They start the roadway journey from chennai to hyderabad in ajay’s caravan, unfortunately their journey gets a halt due to a truck accident and they are forced to take an alternate road to reach hyd as per ajay’s idea and soon get diverted.
They run into Sampath and gang who has kidnapped saroja and holding her in that place. Sampath is after them since they saw the murder by him. On the escape route they accidentally relieve saroja from villian and it leads to a expected usual-to-thriller climax.

Yuvan has given a briliant BGM for this racy film, he shines in the title BGM and the music when the villian group comes.

Acting front, Premji and shiva have done a neat job. To be precise Premji has done a great job with his funny dialogues and one-liners. And he is perfectly hilarious while he mouths:
“Love ellam seekirum sollidanum, appadi sollama thaan 7 kaadhal missayiruchu”
“Takkunu thirumbatha”, pointing a tree
“I was cornered” citing a dialogue from sivaji
“Parsa maranthudahteenga, marupadiyum varamudiyathu”

There is not much work for Prakashraj and jayaram and they have done their job with not much effort. Nikitha for glamour content has done it perfectly. Prabhu has intelligently inserted the actors from chennai 28 within saroja.

It seems prabhu is delighted to use old films BGM’s in his movie. In chennai 28, he used ‘Pottu vecha malika mottu’ and a sad tune from aboorva sakotharargal for humor, In saroja he has used ‘Aayiram thamarai” when premji is sighting a new girl and a song by t.rajendar (BTW from which movie??anybody knows?) and also famous ‘Karakattakaran’ music when introducing Caravan.

Most part of the movie is happening in Night, and cinematography is good during that scenes.

Totally, Saroja is not a classic or a movie to remember, but it is enjoyable clean thriller which is new to tamil in story, narration, technology and also presentation.

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